Now you can get samples of ANY of our products so you can try them out before you commit to a larger container.


We previously used to mail out free samples but the expense is catching up to us.


Samples are limited to 10 at a time because they are time intensive for us to produce.


We are only charging cost of the materials and shipping so please do not abuse them.


Choose From Any of Our Blends:


  1. Adobo Seasoning
  2. Bee's Knees Honey Rub (HOT version is Killer Bees Honey Rub # below) - NEW
  3. Buffalo Seasoning - Mild
  4. Buffalo Seasoning - Hot
  5. Cajun Sprinkle - Medium
  6. Cajun Sprinkle - Hot
  7. Cajun Sprinkle - Extra Hot
  8. Citrus Steak
  9. Cowboys Coffee Chew - Buckin' BBQ
  10. Cowboys Coffee Chew - Hot Buckin' BBQ
  11. Cowboys Coffee Chew - Hot Sizzlin' Steak
  12. Cowboys Coffee Chew - Sizzlin' Steak
  13. Cowboys Coffee Chew - Sweet Heat Hickory BBQ
  14. Chili Lime
  15. Chipotle Ranch*
  16. Dill Pickle
  17. Fajita Mix
  18. Fake 'N Bacon (Meatless bacon flavored seasoning, *contains butter) - NEW
  19. Garlic Butter Goodness
  20. Groovy Greek*
  21. Hollerin' Jalapeno
  22. Honey Sriracha
  23. It's Italian!*
  24. Jalapeno Citrus
  25. Killer Bees Honey Rub (HOT version of Bee's Knees Honey Rub) - NEW
  26. Lemon Garlic Butter
  27. Luscious Lemon Pepper
  28. Mango Habanero
  29. Maple Chipotle
  30. Mo' Rockin' - NEW
  31. Nashville Fire - NEW
  32. Nashville Sweet Heat - NEW
  33. R.G.P. (Ray's Garlic Pepper)
  34. Righteous Ranch*
  35. Smoked Apple Butter Rub - NEW
  36. Smokehouse BBQ
  37. Smokey Habanero
  38. Spicy Pineapple Twist
  39. Teriyaki
  40. The Jerk
  41. Therein Lies The Rub!
  42. Totally Taco*


We no longer offer samples of the following products as we now have a single serve of these blends which is available by clicking the blend name below:


  1. BigGuy Breakfast Sausage Mix
  2. BigGuy Breakfast Sausage Mix - HOT- NEW
  3. Chili Mix
  4. Hot Cocoa Mix - Chocolate
  5. Hot Cocoa Mix - Mocha - NEW
  6. White Chili Mix


Always free of MSG, Gluten, Soy, Anti-Caking Agents, Fillers, Dyes & GMOs!


*Single serve packets coming soon


  • Now you can get samples of ANY* of our products so you can try them out before you commit to a larger container.

    *excluding single packet varieties