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Packed with quintessential Italian herbs and spices, It’s Italian! makes an amazingly delicious Italian dressing, marinade, or the perfect addition to pizza, marinara or chicken parmesan! Add to roasted or sauted vegetables for a taste of deliciousness!


See our Recipes page for lots of great recipes that use Luscious Lemon Pepper to bring the magic out!


Ingredients:  Sea Salt, Onion, Red Bell Pepper*, Garlic, Savory*, Basil*, Parsley*, Thyme*, Cilantro*, Marjoram*, Oregano*, Fennel* (*organic)


Always free of MSG, Gluten, Soy, Anti-Caking Agents, Fillers, Dyes & GMOs!

It's Italian!

SKU: II_SmallBag
  • Packed with Italian herbs and spices, this blend is so good the smell will remind you of an Italian grandmother's kitchen. Sprinkle on veggies, chicken, fish or anything else that makes you happy. A delicious addition to pizza, marinara, spaghetti, roasted vegetables and even makes an amazing Italian dressing!

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