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It's on every bottle we sell, but what does it truly mean?

One Part PURE

Many commercially available seasonings are loaded with massive quantities of MSG and can contain anti-caking agents like sodium dioxide, which is a fancy word for sand, wheat or corn flour, corn syrup solids and many others. They may also contain large quantities of sugar and salt because they are the cheapest ingredients. It is also because sugar is addictive. But wait, don't we also use sugar and salt in our products?
Yes we do, however, there is HUGE nutritional difference from what we use and what they use and that's where the PURE and FRESH comes in.
First, we always source organic ingredients as our main priority, however, besides costs, there are some things you have to understand about the National Organic Program that make this less than an ideal organic solution for us.
  1. It is very expensive to become certified and each product we manufacture must be certified.
  2. Organic certification does not take nutritional content into consideration.
  3. Organic wheat is an example of #2. High gluten intake is bad for the body but the organic labeling system doesn't take that into consideration.
  4. Irradiation of food is not considered organic or non-organic. It also has not been proven effective. It is a by-product of the Department of Energy's excessive amount of nuclear waste. Do your own research. That means that lots of onion, garlic, peppers and other products are passed by miniscule amounts of nuclear radiation to "kill anything that might be bad on them". This also kills any good beneficial bacteria as well. Organic products are allowed to be irradiated.
This is why we go to great lengths to source spices, herbs, and salts that are pure, non-GMO, and non-irradiated first and then organic where possible. This is how we got to PURE & FRESH is because it's how we state that we are even better than #BetterThanOrganic and it's our own trademarked phrase because we do things "Far Out"side the norm of the modern food system. Hence our company name. ;-)
This is also why we manufacture our own products so that we can control the quality of the product from beginning to end.
Now, that brings us to sugar and salt.
The only sugar we use in our products is Organic Coconut Palm Sugar. It is proven to be nutritionally better than white processed sugar that comes from sugar cane. It has a much lower glycemic index and will not spike your insulin response nearly as bad as white processed sugar does. It is still sugar and not a low calorie alternative, just a healthier option for white sugar.
We only use sea salt, whether it is flavor infused, smoked or pure, simply for the reason that it has not been iodized, which has not been proven to have any health benefits in the modern food world, and it is optically scanned and sorted to remove micro-plastics.
One Part FRESH
If we are selling high quality products made with
the highest quality ingredients
then how is it that everyone else is selling cheaper seasonings?
Unfortunately in the spice world, and this is true with coffee as well, spices and herbs are often stored in large commodity warehouses in bulk storage in their already processed and ground states waiting to be sold and shipped to their final destination. They are often left exposed to the elements, insects, mold and other nasties that food should never be exposed to. Since they have already been chopped and processed, they have begun to lose their peak flavor before they are even turned into a seasoning or put on the grocery store shelf as spices to purchase for home cooking.
You get what you pay for. Grocery store spices are so cheap because they are usually years old by the time you purchase them. The stock is never rotated and they sit there on the shelf collecting dust until they sell out completely before being replaced. This is also why we don't sell our products through large big box retailers as it would add an additional 1-3 months from the product being manufactured until it hit the grocery store shelf.
All of our suppliers purchase their spices and herbs directly from the farmers, dry them out themselves, and store them properly sealed in their whole form, which is the best for preserving maximum flavor, and only grind and process them when they need to fill an order. We also strive to keep our inventory levels at perfect demand levels to ensure that any product that you get from us is made with ingredients that are 6 months old or less. 
Why does it not say organic on the labels?
We did this for a couple of reasons.
  • When we first started we aimed to be a 100% organic company. We quickly learned that very few people are willing to pay for that type of product, nor do they even care. Fillers and dyes were more of a concern so we shifted our focus to helping the mainstream improve their eating habits while also staying focusing on our product quality and customer service.
  • If we get in a situation where the organic product becomes unavailable, we didn't want to be liars on the label if we had to substitute with a non-organic product. In the spice world, especially when purchasing in large quantities, things can go in an out of stock on the regular. We like to stay flexible to be able to keep producing during these times.
Now you know the meaning behind The PURE and FRESH way. It's how we keep it pure and simple and then we mix in a touch of love and send it on for you to enjoy. Only when you put it all together can you fully understand why say we do everything,
Here's to good health and wellness!
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