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It's not just a slogan.
It's our passion.
It's what we believe in.
It's what drives us to reach as many people as we can.
Many commercially available seasonings are loaded with massive quantities of MSG and sometimes can contain anti-caking agents like sodium dioxide, yeast powder, corn syrup solids and many others.
Yuck! No thank you!
That's why we use spices and herbs that are pure and non-GMO.
We never use fillers like dry yeast powder, baking soda or anything else you don't want to eat...and we never dye our products for "shelf appeal" (that's what the labels are for!)
We keep it pure and simple and then we mix in a touch of love and send it on for you to enjoy.
Here's to good health and wellness!

Company Founding History

While working for a dairy & yogurt company, our founder, Stephen Williams, originally started Far Out Foods in 2010 as an artisanal small-batch butter and cheese producer. After 6 months of selling his wonderful handmade sweet cream butter, cultured butter, feta, & cheese curds, he was unable to raise the capital needed to continue to expand the business to the next stage. Being extremely small and not turning a profit, and Stephen not possessing the proper skillset to run a successful business, led to the company being shut down as Stephen begrudgingly rejoined the corporate workforce.


                                                             7 years would go by and Stephen's family would grow to include 2 beautiful                                                               wonderful children that changed his life for the the better forever. Having a                                                                 family to provide for and Cajun Sprinkle at his disposal, Stephen decided it                                                                 was time that the world got to taste his family's secret seasoning blend.


                                                             Thankfully the corporate world didn't entirely suck all of his soul away and in                                                               2017 Far Out Foodz, LLC was reborn as a spice and condiment company,                                                                   this time with a z (as an homage to his children). The funky tie dye color                                                                       scheme from 2010 was brought back and expanded to include original                                                                         designs by Stephen's wife.

Through all the changes, one thing has never wavered; our vision and commitment to provide the purest, most wholesome, nourishing, real food products to the world at an affordable price while having great customer service and staying focused on what is most important in life...food and family.

Why Spices?

Stephen grew up with Cajun Sprinkle always around and has always had a fondness for flavor. He enjoys eating food that tantalizes the taste buds without setting your mouth on fire or leaving behind an aftertaste. Through making Cajun Sprinkle at home he discovered his love for all spices and herbs. This love of spices and herbs led him to experiment with various blends to create other spice blends that he missed since eliminating artificial ingredients from his diet. Taco seasoning & ranch seasoning/dressing/dip were two things that he dearly missed. He set out to make a pure and truly healthy version and from that, Totally Taco & Righteous Ranch were born. He also discovered that spices and herbs have many health benefits as well. You can read all about the health benefits of each ingredient in our products on our Health Benefits page.

It had been Stephen's dream to sell Cajun Sprinkle for more than a decade.

On March 1st, 2017 that finally became a reality and Far Out Foodz, LLC

was formed. Labor Day 2017 would bring the arrival of Stephen's brother,

Patrik Williams, as President & COO and his mother, Pam Gurr, as CFO.

Together they have set out on this journey to build a company that

produces products you can be proud to serve your family. 

Product History - Original Blends

Cajun Sprinkle

Back in the early 80s, after Stephen's father acquired a local fried chicken restaurant chain in Baton Rouge, LA, tinkering began on a new all purpose cajun inspired seasoning blend. The story goes that it took 17 versions before perfection was achieved. Well, almost perfection.

Growing up with Cajun Sprinkle on the table for every meal, Stephen always took it for granted. It wasn't until he moved out on his own that he finally received the coveted recipe from his mother. After many years of making it himself, he decided to tweak it one more time. It was these last couple changes that made it truly perfect. Version 18 had achieved absolute perfection. 

It goes great on chicken, beef, pork, vegetables, soups, sauces, eggs, fresh sliced tomatoes, anything fried...it literally GOES GREAT ON ANYTHING!

Groovy Greek

Inspired by the lemon infused cuisine of the Mediterranean archipelago, this blend came about much like Totally Taco & Righteous Ranch. It was out of the love for a competitors Greek seasoning that Groovy Greek was born. Upon reading the label of our favorite Greek seasoning we learned that the main ingredient is yellow corn flour. Now, we all know that corn flour is not an herb, its not a spice & its definitely not sea salt. Those are the only things we use in our blends. So we set out to make something better. The end result was something that far exceeded our expectations. It took 14 versions before we nailed it perfectly. The even bigger crowning achievement? It makes an incredible Greek dressing that you can use as a marinade as well as on salads.

Totally Taco

Totally Taco was formulated to be identical to the spice packets available at the grocery store, except we decided to do it without the MSG, sodium dioxide and other harmful ingredients that are in most commercially available spice blends. We also got tired of only having enough taco seasoning on hand for one meal. We wanted a whole bag full so we could make our meat as little or as exploding with taco flavor as our mood required. From that desire, Totally Taco was born. Use it liberally on everything! It turns ground beef or ground pork (or a mix of both) into yummy homemade taco meat. It shines the brightest as crockpot pork carnitas. See the Recipes page so you can be prepared to make it when your order arrives!

Righteous Ranch

Let's be honest with each other, we're all friends here, right? We all know that ranch dressing goes great on anything and makes everything taste better, right? Well, good yummy ranch, that is. Much like Totally Taco, Righteous Ranch was born out of our love for the convenient ranch packets at the store. But when we read the ingredients label and saw all the nasty things that are in them (soy, GMOs & chemicals), we had to give them up. But we LOVE ranch dressing and ranch dip and ranch seasoning. We figured there must be a way to duplicate that ranchy goodness. There was! It took us a few years of trial and error but we persisted and finally figured it out and it's called Righteous Ranch. Why is it righteous? Because it makes the most amazing ranch dressing you have ever had in your life. We promise. It is THAT good. The recipe for dressing and dip is located conveniently on the back of the package (and right here on our Recipes page). The cherry on top is that you can make as much or as little ranch dressing or dip as you want simply by scaling the recipe up or down. Want to make it fat free? You can. Want to make it with Greek yogurt? Go ahead.


Don't stop at dip and dressing, it also works great as a seasoning for chicken, vegetables, burgers, potato salad, french fries, roasted potatoes or anything you would put ranch dressing on! It's even good on or in crockpot meals. It has even been shown to help increase the amount of food younger children consume when given a shaker jar full of ranch at mealtime.

Product videos highlighting the origin of all of our blends is coming in late 2021. Stay tuned and check back here!

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