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Private Label & Co-Packing - How It All Works -

To oversimplify it, private label is our product with your label on it. Contract Packaging, or "co-packing", is your product made from your recipe with your label on it. We like to refer to this as "Co-Producing" and unlike the rest of the industry we do NOT require contracts or order minimums.

Read below about the process of bringing your idea to reality for retail sale. We provide 100% turn-key services from R&D to finished labeled delivered product including barcodes and nutrition panels. We also provide distribution services if needed.

As part of our slogan of "created with love and integrity from our family to yours.", we like to let you know exactly which steps of the process are handled in-house and which steps we use outside contractors for. We do as much as we can in-house, to avoid brokers who raise the cost but offer no value-add, so we can pass all the cost savings along to you.

How We Bring Delicious Things To Life

What We're Capable Of

We have a kitchen facility that is licensed with the Georgia Department of Agriculture. We are licensed as a Tier 4 Multi-Food manufacturer and we are low-acid food certified. We are able to handle your bulk and retail manufacturing needs from 1 jar up to a truckload and every size in-between. We can help you design a new product from scratch or we can help you bring an existing recipe to market as a fully legal product including barcode and nutrition panel information.

Are you a restaurant currently making your own seasoning blends or rubs? Let us handle all the work for you so your team can focus on satisfying the customer. We deliver a consistent product every time and we're never making it "during a rush" period so you know it'll always be done right.

Dry Products

Seasonings, Flavorings, Rubs, Dressing, Chili, Taco, Cocoa, & Sausage Mixes, Bacon Cures, Soup Mixes

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