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Most people refer to this as co-packing and private label. We don't like to use those terms because of all the negative connotation that goes along with them. Instead, we chose to come up with a new term that fully encompasses the services that we offer. Also, we do NOT require contracts or production minimums, which is another thing that sets us apart from the rest.


Below are some examples of our work. We are extremely proud of each and every one of them!

Click here to learn more about the process of turning your blend into a retail product.


We discovered this gem while on vacation in Cordele, GA in 2021. After talking to the owner, Mr. Steve Southwell, to establish how we could support him, we began work on what would become a year long process to create his own signature rub, which we not only supply in bulk to the restaurant at Exit 102 on I-75, but we also make a retail product, Smoakies BBQ Rub, but we bottle his four signature BBQ sauces as well. Mild Tomato, Mild Mustard, Hot Mustard, and Cotton Honey Sweet.

Cowboys Coffee Chew
Custom Private Label

We never thought coffee-infused seasonings would be good until Cowboys Coffee Chew came along and asked us to make a few products for them. The result is the ever popular seasoning Sizzlin' Steak and the deep rich-flavored rub Sweet Hickory BBQ. We also worked with a local roastery to produce Outlaw Coffee available both in whole bean and ground 1 Lb. bags. A bold yet smooth dark roast coffee combining 5 single-source beans for perfection.

Outlaw Coffee

Country Daddy BBQ
Custom Private Label

Greg at Country Daddy BBQ was looking for a signature rub worthy of being called "Maryland BBQ". For those that don't know, that's not really a thing, but that didn't stop Greg. He had us get to work combining a classic Southern USA BBQ rub with the quintessential flavors of "Old Bay". The result, OG Maryland Rub, is nothing short of legendary.

Jeff was looking for someone to help him manufacture his products without requiring him to invest in large amounts of inventory while he continues to expand his brand. We were able to get his complete line ready in less than 2 months time. His products include these 5 rubs, Original, Apple Chipotle, Mango Chipotle, Peach Fuzz, and Total Chaos, as well as his 1 seasoning, S.P.G.


B0$$ Dawg Rubs - COMING SOON

When you have a Texas-sized idea, it needs a Texas-sized solution. We were able to take Dorian's recipe and fine tune it to allow the bold peppery-ness to shine while still allowing all the nuanced flavors to come through on the back end. This blend was designed for beef but we absolutely LOVE it on chicken wings, hence the name, Bold All-Purpose Rub & Seasoning.


Cheely's General Store - Monroe, GA

Back when Chad Cheely was slangin' dogs and other delicious bites in his cafe, he served a lot of "Cheely Dogs". If you have never had your senses immersed in the delightful experience that is a Cheely dog, your life is truly incomplete. Start with a warm toasted bun from Athens, GA-based Luna Bakery and add house made pimento cheese, a 100% all-beef hot dog, top with Cheely's Chili Dog Sauce Mix and bacon and enjoy!

The cafe may be gone, but the Cheely Dog can live on in your home kitchen.

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