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Sweet Heat BBQ

Have your meals been missing that certain something that you can't seem to put your finger on? Do you enjoy smokey, salty, sweet, coffee flavors?


The newest addition to the Cowboys Coffee Chew line, and made using our own OUTLAW COFFEE blend, which is a combination of Sumatra, Columbia, Tanzania, Papua New Guinea & Ethiopia beans, Sweet Heat BBQ gives you some extra smokey sweetness and a nice hot kick. It works as a seasoning or rub, especially for beef, and will make your tastebuds dance with flavor explosions. This blend is a great all purpose seasoning that works on anything but goes especially well with the complex deep flavors of beef.


Sweetener Note: This product contains Coconut Palm sugar which is a natural sweetener that does not spike your Glycemic Index (GI). 


Ingredients: Coconut Palm Sugar, Hickory Smoked Sea Salt, Sea Salt, Fresh Roasted & Ground Outlaw Blend Coffee, Smoked Paprika, Tomato Powder, Garlic, Parsley, Cayenne Pepper, Onion, Ancho Chili Powder, Cumin


Always free of MSG, Gluten, Soy, Anti-Caking Agents, Fillers, Dyes & GMOs!

Sweet Hickory BBQ - Cowboys Chew

  • Add some extra smokey sweetness and a nice hot bold coffee kick to your next smoking or grilling adventure.

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