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THIS PRODUCT HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED! It will come in a black bag with generic white labels. It will still taste the same of course :-)


Full instructions including a How-To Video is located HERE.


Ingredients:  Sea Salt, Organic Coconut Palm Sugar, Garlic, Onion, Black Pepper, Cayenne Pepper


Always free of MSG, Gluten, Soy, Anti-Caking Agents, Fillers, Dyes & GMOs!


Package Contents:  9.5 ounces net weight of peppered bacon cure (Pepper Cures What Ails Ya) in heat sealed resealable matte stand up bag.

Peppered Bacon Cure - DISCONTINUED

  • Have you ever thought, "I wish I could find a nitrate-free bacon that actually taste good?" If so, then this bacon cure is definitely for you. Why does it have sugar in it? As much as we try to avoid sugar and keep it out of our diets, it is needed for the chemical reaction with the salt for preservation of the meat. If you want to reduce the amount of sugar, and salt for that matter, in the finished product, then you can rinse it before cooking/smoking.

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