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We've done a couple small hat runs in the past and given away some hats to a lucky few, however, all of those hats were only prototypes. You see, we've been searching (and wearing) lots of hats over the past few years looking for that perfect hat that we would be proud to put our name on and more importantly, thrilled to sell to you.


If you have been around awhile you know that we have high quality tastes. Some would say we are picky. We just don't like junk. Not in our food, not in our apparel, or anywhere else in our lives. There are a million apparel companies that would love to slap our logo on cheap apparel that doesn't last, however, we're not down with that business model.


We can't guarantee this hat will last longer than any others, but we can guarantee it will be comfortable and that is not made in China. If we could find this style of hat made in the U.S.A. we would glady purchase it, regardless of cost. Unfortunately, due to bad economic decisions made many many decades ago, manufacturing in this great country, especially apparel, is next to non-existant. They showed China how to manufacture everything and then gave them all the money to do it, all in the name of saving on labor and production costs, but while putting tons of debris into the ocean by shipping around manufactured goods and taking jobs away from hard-working Americans.


Support a grass-roots effort to bring jobs back to American soil and employ Americans and buy a hat or two today!

Logo Trucker Hat

SKU: Apparel_Hat_Trucker_AllBlack
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