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  • 1 Lb of Chicken, bone-in or boneless, any cut, including whole chickens

  • Sea Salt

  • Water

  • Cajun Sprinkle

  • Gallon storage bag or other container

  • Meat thermometer of choice (preferably digital)





1.) Mix up enough brine solution to fully submerge chicken. Brine is 1 Tbsp of salt for every 2 cups of water. No need to heat water to dissolve salt.

2.) Trim all fat from chicken. DO NOT WASH CHICKEN. It can contaminate your entire kitchen.

3.) Place chicken in gallon storage bag or other container and poor brine solution over chicken. Seal container and place in refrigerator. If using a bag, place bag in additional container to catch any water in case the bag has a hole in it.

4.) Let chicken sit in refrigerator in brine for a minimum of 30 minutes to a maximum of 2-3 hours. This makes the chicken super juicy. Too long in the brine solution and the chicken can start to break down to mush. Not good.

5.) Remove chicken from brine solution and dry off on a paper towel.

6.) Lightly coat each side with Cajun Sprinkle.

7.) Cook using desired method at 350ºF until thickest part of chicken reaches an internal temperature of 170ºF


Far Out Foodz Recommended Cooking Method

We recommend the smoky indirect heat of a Weber kettle charcoal grill.





Written and provided free of charge by Far Out Foodz, LLC ©2017-2021

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