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  • 1 Lb Ground Meat of your choice

  • Cajun Sprinkle

  • Meat thermometer of choice (preferably digital)





1.) Form burger patties out of meat using desired method. For small buns use 4 oz. per patty, for larger buns use 6 oz. Be sure to press your thumb in the middle of the patty to prevent it from swelling up.


2.) Sprinkle Cajun Sprinkle liberally all over both sides of burger patties.


3.) Cook using desired method at 350ºF until the center of the burger reaches an internal temperature of 170ºF for well done, 160ºF-165ºF for medium.

Far Out Foodz Recommended Cooking Method

We recommend the smoky indirect heat of a Weber kettle charcoal grill, or a cast iron skillet on the stove top.






Written and provided free of charge by Far Out Foodz, LLC ©2017-2021

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